Don’t be salty… get epsom salt.

Salty about muscle soreness from working out? Have you considered epsom salt bathing as a solution?

Back in [hella long ago], epsom salt was just a bitter tasting salt. But! as the people of Epsom, England originally discovered, it has many curable entities.

In that, relieving muscle soreness & high stress levels. Both excellent components for an active individual on their fitness journey.

Topical usage is sufficient: it can be absorbed through the skin as you soak in a bath. Epsom salt consists primarily of magnesium & sulphates which are both great for a variety of health benefits. Magnesium is effective in regards to muscles. Sulphates assist in detoxing.

What’s the best part of epsom salt? It’s natural. Oh! & inexpensive… found everywhere… it also works fast! It aligns perfectly with Strength Squared.

Don’t believe me? Try it!

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