mobility : instant gratification.

i’ve never been a flexible human being, even as a dancer (for 10 years). what’s worse is that basketball players never see a need to stretch as we take our youth for granted on a daily basis (played through college). the thought of low impact, breathing & form exercises, also seems extremely boring.

BUT… i’ve officially completed two of my first mobility classes offered & i am extremely pleased with the results.

as a trainer i know the importance & benefits of lengthening muscles :

  • enhances full range of motion
  • corrects form
  • addresses back pain
  • supports balance
  • prevents injury
  • builds endurance
  • decreases soreness
  • creates a more fluid motion in our daily movements

in addition to these overall benefits, Strength Squared’s specific class is very realistic for the following reasons :

  • 30 minute duration
  • relaxing (breathing is incorporated)
  • low impact
  • challenging, but a mild pace

this combination is perfect for beginners, as well as those looking for breaks in their weekly intense fitness training.

after two mobility classes, i feel like i worked out when paired only with my CORE class, less sore than usual & more mentally/physically prepared to take on the rest of my fitness regimen (4 additional days/week).

i am completely inspired with the way in which the mobility & CORE classes have added to Strength Squared’s overall mission : accessible, affordable, appealing, & advantageous (inner & outer) strength training. i am also truly looking forward to my next class.

mobility/CORE classes alone are only $39/month & are offered 4 times/week.

bootcamp classes are $79/month & mobility/CORE classes are included!

please check out the full schedule.

if you have any questions about Strength Squared services, feel free to contact me.

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