About S2

Strength Squared & Ashley:

The key to perseverance has always been a combination of skills for me: the ability to stay disciplined, yet flexible. I went through most my life externalizing these concepts. As an athlete I had to be the most dedicated & ever-present. I also had to be able to accept areas of growth & make game time adjustments. So, if we didn’t win, it didn’t matter how much I scored. Sadly, the destination was the only priority.

It wasn’t until having a child that I realized how harsh I was on myself. My internal voice was desperate to survive each day. I could attribute most of my success to this voice, but soon it became apparent that I wasn’t going to get much further in life this way.

When I decided to start a fitness community, I wanted self-love to be at the forefront. I focused on developing the following key components to my training & the S2 community:

    • accessible
    • affordable
    • appealing
    • advantageous

These 4 elements were necessary for my success in training after having my daughter. They allowed me to reach my goals without guilt. I hope they can help you, too.

Strength Squared & COVID-19:

Strength Squared quickly transitioned to live virtual training in March 2020. As the virus continued to impact communities, I began to receive text messages from many members expressing gratitude for our affordable & accessible classes. We began to acquire new & former members as well. I started seeing more faces more consistently & an opportunity for greater impact.

I wanted to keep the prices affordable & reach further. The decision to cut ties with a physical location was obvious & strangely very easy. Strength Squared is now completely virtual & outdoor. Things we previously were doing, we started again (i.e., book club, outdoor cardio, hike club).

Please experience all that S2 can offer with us! Check out our current SCHEDULE.



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