Strength Squared & Ashley:

I began building my own strength at the age of 3 in dance class – learning discipline, commitment, & perseverance. In the years to come, I would find my first true love: basketball.

Through organized sports & a passion for the youth, I finished my college career & became a high school coach. Very quickly, my interest in athletes shifted from not only skill development, but to their limitless potential. I realized that my athletes needed someone to believe in them & as I grew further into adulthood, I saw this to be true of all people.

I decided to reach for a greater impact & opened the doors of my own training studio. In an attempt to create such a boundless space, I focused on developing the following key components to my training :

    • accessible
    • affordable
    • appealing
  • advantageous

These 4 elements were absolutely necessary for my success in training after having my daughter. So in its creation, I set forth with people like me in mind: busy, career oriented, single mom, goal setter, etc.

In this studio, I strive for a positive environment, where knowledge & independence are the ultimate end goals. If I cannot teach you how to live a healthy life through exercise & nutrition, then I question my decision to be a trainer. You no more rely on me than I rely on you & your results. I am nothing without my clients & I am thankful for this opportunity everyday.

Strength Squared classes vary. We have Monday RunDay & Cardio +Yoga where we incorporate a sustainable amount of running into either a bootcamp or yoga class. S2 bootcamps also vary in exercises & structure. We may partner, use weights/bands/jump ropes, apply mobility, or focus on bodyweight exercises. NO MATTER WHAT, we have fun!

Sara’s Bootcamp:

Sara’s intense bootcamp will leave you excited for more! Sara cares deeply about her clients & shares her passion for fitness with everyone. The variety she adds to S2’s classes is awesome. Expect to get your heart rate up & be challenged with equipment & weights.

Courtney & Ladies’ Night:

Courtney’s classes will have you SWEATING. One minute you might be doing abs, the next you will be running liners. In between, you’re doing squats, push ups & more. People enjoy Courtney’s ability to coach & modify!

Meggie & The Athlete Unleashed:

Dr. Meggie Kozono is a sports certified physical therapist & a certified strength & conditioning specialist who uses her expertise in quality of movement, manual therapy, & exercise prescription to enhance human performance.

Meggie believes in treating the body as a whole, educating on injury prevention, & fine-tuning the athlete to eliminate movement inefficiencies. She has worked with Olympic & Paralympic athletes as well as active adults who are looking to optimize their fitness abilities.

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Board Certified Sports Physical Therapist
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • Certified provider of: Myofascial Decompression (MFD), Active Release Technique (ART), Graston
  • Functional Movement Screen Expert

Strength Squared is excited to share a space with The Athlete Unleashed! She will offer a discount to S2 members as well as offer workshops every first Wednesday of the month at 5:45PM (included in S2 memberships)! The workshops will focus on common ailments or areas of weakness (i.e., shoulders, knees, core).

Yoga With Mimi:

Mimi has been practicing yoga for over 5 years & has received her 200 hour RYT in Bali, Indonesia. Her goal is to be able to provide a gentle, safe escape from the distractions in our daily lives. If you’re someone who loves a challenge, needs to relax, & are looking to strengthen your body, mind & spirit at the same dang time, then her classes are right for you!

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