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Strength Squared’s challenges are created for one type of person: someone aiming for success.

after my pregnancy (& a 60 lb. weight gain), i entered a beach body competition. everyone enters these things for different reasons. in my case, i wanted to challenge myself to isolate a lot of hard work for a seemingly positive outcome. i was anxious to see the results & how my body responded to my plan. what it entailed was 16 weeks of exercise (5 days/week) & a grueling meal plan that tapered off to bits of chicken & asparagus in its final weeks.

needless to say, i looked symmetrical, strong, tan (spray tan orange for the stage), & consequently, like a bobble head – weighing in at 112 lbs. (a number i hadn’t seen since 6th grade). while this journey was all mine & made me proud, getting over its aftermath made me prouder.

following the show, i went back to my original meal plan. i continued to work out & remain healthy, but it was almost like my body was angry with me. i started to gain weight & no amount of meal prep or cardio would help. i felt like my body was in survivor mode & held onto everything i ingested like, “nope, you’re not getting away with it this time!”

i felt like a failure.

but, being the badass that i am, i began researching. i read articles, discussed with peers & observed. i witnessed other women entering 6 week challenges to lose 20 lbs. they were successful, but only immediately.

they all gained most of the weight back within as short of a period as it took to lose. they all found it both costly & impossible to maintain.

they all felt discouraged.

i entered a 6 week challenge to see what it entailed (curiosity killed the cat by the way). sure enough, while not as physically intense, the meal plan was structured very similarly to my competition. i opted out of the meal plan for the challenge & my concerns grew for  the others’ mental health around fitness & body image.

you see… my “stage body” became my competition. unbeknownst to me, it was unhealthy – physically & mentally. it became depressing to look at my arms for example. i began covering them up to the point of people taking notice:

“i don’t remember the last time i saw your arms.”

*wears tank top* “look who is finally showing her arms!”

“you’re always so covered up.”

i had to admit to myself that i had a problem. through my research, i learned i wasn’t alone. many women who compete have a hard time accepting their post competition bodies. as a trainer, it is my full time job to be & look healthy. but for most women who compete, they already have a full time job like myself at the time of my competition.

*insert Strength Squared*

i opened my fitness studio knowing what it takes to work a 9-5, raise a kid, have friends & other hobbies. i wanted to create an environment geared towards success. an environment that is understanding of both the inner & outer strength needed just to make it to a fitness class on time.

for Strength Squared, creating an ever so trendy “challenge” is no different. it must be:

  • accessible
  • affordable
  • appealing
  • advantageous

BAD ASS classes & challenge

noun: bad-ass
1. a tough, uncompromising, or intimidating person.
bad ass classes.png

this challenge is not only bad ass, but it’ll make you stronger than ever both physically & mentally. that’s why, for one whole month, we are focusing on…

losing inches!

what to expect: 

  • meal plan
  • unlimited class access per week
  • calisthenics strength training during sessions
  • cardio intervals & HIIT workouts

meal plan: 

  • have fun & feel empowered
  • eat 6 meals per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, 3 snacks)
  • eat every 2-3 hours
  • enjoy multiple options for your taste buds
  • gain knowledge in calories/portion sizes
  • discuss any individual & necessary changes weekly (optional)
  • use app to communicate (i.e., share recipes) & motivate (i.e., accountability)

exercise plan:

  • have fun & feel empowered
  • unlimited access to all 45 minute fitness classes, monday-saturday (with some pop-up workouts on sunday), see full schedule here
  • 15 minutes of cardio at the end of each class (totaling one hour of exercise)
  • attend 3-4 classes per week
  • check-in on social media once/per week (or 4 check-ins MINIMUM by the end of the month)
  • complete (not compete)
  • discuss any individual & necessary changes weekly (optional)
  • use app 4 times (MINIMUM) to communicate (i.e., off day workout meet ups) & motivate (i.e., photos)

PRIZE plan:

  • have fun & feel empowered
  • take measurements at your final class for the month
  • complete the minimum social media check-ins, app usage & workouts
  • lose the most inches (total/combined): $10 from every challenger’s membership will be given to the winner (e.g., 10 bad ass challengers = $100 pot for the winner!)
  • enjoy meeting new friends, creating positive habits & achieving goals

how to start:

REGISTER: no current challenges – next challenge TBA!

PAYMENT: $99 via venmo (preferred – @strengthsquared), cash or card

PACKET: meal plan/challenge packet will be emailed on the 1st of the month

APP: download “Cluster” & find “@StrengthSquared”

SUGGESTED: take before/after photos

i am here to help throughout this entire process!

just let me know if you need help navigating the app, registering, taking measurements/photos, etc.

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