Hike Club

Take only memories, leave only footprints. ~Chief Seattle

Welcome to S2’s Free Hike Club!

Each hike will be scheduled monthly & vary in date, time, location, length & difficulty.

Please check the schedule to see what’s next!

S2 approved hiking trails:

  • Sheffield Village Hiking Trail (short walk from S2)
  • Ward Creek Trail, Hayward CA (directions from S2 here)
  • Joaquin Miller Park Loop, Oakland CA (directions from S2 here)
  • Lake Merritt, Oakland CA (directions from S2 here)
  • Wapama Falls, Yosemite (Hetch Hetchy Reservoir) (directions from S2 here)
  • East Shore Trail, Lake Chabot CA (directions from S2 here)
  • Sequoia Bayview Trail, Oakland CA (meet at S2)
  • Stonewall-Panoramic Trail, Berkeley CA (directions from S2 here)
  • Mission Peak Trail Head at Standford Ave. (directions from S2 here)
  • Clyde Woolridge Staging, Oakland CA (directions from S2 here)

…& more to come!

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