I started working with Ashley because my regular workouts had become repetitive and stale. That changed dramatically. The workouts Ashley has set up for me are constantly varied and dynamic; I am constantly challenged. Ashley is knowledgeable and innovative in her work but more importantly, I feel like I have partner in my fitness & health.


Ashley is an innovative trainer in that she takes the time to understand your personal health and fitness goals. From there she develops a workout plan that is practical and realistic. She has always been able to develop workouts that take my lifestyle and fitness goals into consideration. As a result I can find the time to get a balanced workout in!


Working out has always been a struggle for me… just not my favorite thing to do. However, once I started training with Ashley she helped change my perspective. She makes workouts FUN! Her positive vibrant energy is contagious and she’s always happy to do what she does. She is very flexible, and in group training sessions she partners you with people who you are compatible with and who have similar goals. Ashley pushes you to your limit and is always encouraging you to go the extra mile! Love her!


I met Ashley many years ago. Before she was my trainer she was first a friend. When I found out she was going to be personal training I knew that there wouldn’t be anyone better to help me reach my goal. She motivates me to keep going even when I don’t want to. If it wasn’t for her I probably wouldn’t be working out. She’s an amazing person and a great trainer.


Ashley has been my personal trainer for ~4 months and she is nothing short of amazing! I thoroughly enjoy her well crafted individualized exercise routines that are not only challenging but also innovative.  With her behind me, I know that my fitness goals are more than just possible but attainable….and within reach.


Training with Ashley will make you cry…tears of joy when you see the impact working with her has on your energy, body, and life in general.


Ashley is everything you want in a trainer. She brings the right amount of passion and energy. She is attentive to your needs and goals by spending time tailoring a specific workout plan. Her sessions are always fun and high intensity; with dedication & consistency, you’ll see results. IT’S LIT!!!


Ashley is a very motivating and positive coach as well as friend. She puts 100% effort into all that she does and you neeever have to worry about low energy. Ashley’s workouts are always A1; each session, I leave having pushed myself further than I’d planned. Her regiments are creative and adjusted for her clients’ specific needs. We love Ash!


I’ve known Ashley since she was my high school basketball coach. Even then, she was attentive to details, always willing to help, and knew exactly what to do or say to make you better. Since then, working out with her outside of basketball, I can honestly say that I get better every time she trains me. She is firm enough to get you through the workout but supportive enough that you are comfortable. On top of that she is an amazing person and friend. Everyone should train with Ashley if they can!


Training with Ashley is a great experience. She is always challenging herself to come up with new and interesting routines. The thing I love about training with Ashley is that she is very balanced in how she handles her clients. She’s not a drill sergeant, she’s not hands off, she’s the right amount of hands on. She is in tune with each client and adapts quickly to their needs. For example when she gives you a workout she does not allow excuses but encourages you to push yourself to complete the exercise, however if she sees that you are giving your all, she can and will quickly modify the movement to your ability and body type. She encourages you to push your limits with humor and accountability. She reminds you what you’re there for and does not allow you to quit.


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